Thursday, March 24, 2011

Geocaching and War Wounds

We just got back from a long, much needed weekend at the lake. It is a wonderful blessing to have friends who love us enough to share one of their most precious possessions- their lake home. We don’t take this blessing for granted and are thankful to have an escape from the everyday burdens of this world, even if is it for a few days. I refer to the Davis Family Cabin as, “My Happy Place.”  When one sits on the front porch you can’t help but think you have a front row seat to heaven. The view will take your breath away.

We decided to share the love this weekend by inviting some friends to spend a day with us. We cooked the most amazing steaks, enjoyed a sweet time of fellowship, did a little fishing off the boat dock, (no luck there) and then the Indians got restless. I think it’s pitiful that children aren’t content with just sitting on a front porch gazing at the beauty of nature. What has happened to society as a whole?

Everything changed in a moment when Clint suggested we go geocaching. Geocaching is a global treasure hunting game where participants locate hidden physical containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share their experience online. There are more than 1.2 geocaches hidden worldwide. Go to for more info.

Is there and app for that? Absolutely. We quickly located one a few miles away on a hiking trail so off we went. This is our team minus me and Chandler. I was taking the picture and Chandler was retrieving my water bottle.

lake weekend

When we were within 70 feet of discovering our very first geocache, My husband decided to take us to the cliff area. He was convinced it was somewhere up there. After a lot of blood (I’m not kidding about that) sweat and some fake tears, we came up empty handed and further away from the treasure. So we headed back to the point of deviation. Note to self: Don’t ever deviate. Stay the course.

Oh my word. The excitement gets a little intense as you near the vicinity of the geocache. After an hour long search we finally found it.

lake weekend2

It was so much fun. The deal is, you sign a book to say you have been there and then you leave something in the box. You may take a treasure, only if you leave a treasure. The kids had so much fun. As for the adults, I think we had more fun.

Back at the cabin we were reviewing our day’s adventure. We gave Ed a hard time for taking us off the path, for causing us all to bleed. Deep down we were all thankful that it was part of the journey. It made it more exciting. I told everyone, in reference to our cuts and scrapes, “these are our war wounds.”  Everyone looked at me like that doesn’t sound right. Meredith said, “you mean battle scars.”  I always mess up little clich├ęs.

Yes, battle scars. That’s it. Grateful to bear them on my body. Also grateful to bear the battle scars of this life. The times I have deviated from the path God has chosen for me have caused me great pain. I am thankful for a God who loves me enough to let me find my way. He never forces us but is always there to guide us. AND because of His great faithfulness towards me He will ultimately use everything…every pain, every struggle, every disappointment for His Glory. Praise Jesus.