Friday, September 18, 2009

A Mother's Prayer

A friend of mine was speaking on the Holiness of God and he said this, "God calls us to come out, be set apart, and reserved for Himself, His glory and His purpose. All to often we desire the contrary, to "fit in." And while that's less risky and feels more comfortable, it's there that we miss God's best for us." (Jebo Barnes - Children's Pastor FBC Atlanta)
I had to stop and do a self-spiritual check after reading this. All of us, from the time we were toddlers, want to feel accepted. We all want to "fit in" somewhere. As a mother of two daughters, I have to be honest and say, I do want my girls to be admired and accepted by their peers. But not at the expense of holiness. This is way more easier said than done. I am trying to instill in my daughters the idea that is it OK to be different and that there will be a price to pay for holiness. That is for certain. It may mean some lonely nights and some difficult days, but I know that the pay off will be a blessed life and a life that is pleasing unto the Lord.

Oh Father, I pray that my daughters would be willing to pay the price...that they would have enough spiritual depth to understand that the pursuit of holiness is not the "easiest route." It is not the route where they are going to fit in with everyone else. Yet it is the best route. It is the route that will lead them straight to You time and time again. It is the route that will bring them true fulfillment and joy. It is the route sprinkled with your best blessings. Let them get this. Let them fully understand this. I ask that they would run to the things that please you. The things that bring joy to your heart. And may the run away from evil, ungodliness and things that break your heart. Thank you for being a God who hears our prayers and answers them. I pray this in the Holy, Awesome and Powerful name of Jesus. Amen

Monday, September 14, 2009

Relections of Summer

We are into our 4th week of school. So far, this has been the best year ever. Meredith is in 7th grade. She has become a young lady and so much fun. She plays volleyball (and can smack it, if I can brag for a moment) and enjoys church, football games and being with her friends. Katelyn, my 3rd grader is adjusting to this "kick it up a notch" school year. She loves to play soccer, create art, and hang with her best friend Maddie. Life is good at the Franzke house.
I wanted to blog today yet wasn't sure what my subject would be. I decided since I haven't blogged since June (what!!!) that I would write about our summer. The swimming pool is closed, the beach towels our carefully packed away, no more sweet smells of sunscreen. However, momma has not quite let it go and still smiles when she thinks about the fun we had. I thought I would share my Five favorite moments with you.
1.) Ben and Noelle's Wedding. My sister came from Louisiana with her daughter Emma. The wedding was held at the Caines Ballroom in Downtown Tulsa. Back in the day, this was the place to be on a Saturday night. It truly was a ballroom. Later it became the biggest Honky Tonk in Oklahoma. All the great Country Western Singers graced the stage. It is an amazing historical landmark in Tulsa. However, on June 20th, 2009, it became a place of true beauty, a house of worship as two precious children of God united in Holy Matrimony. I used to babysit Ben when he was just a toddler. My how time flies. I can't wait to see all that God has prepared for he and Noelle. God is faithful and God is so good.
2.) Beach Camp. Read my June blog for details. I have to say I would do it again in a heartbeat. I am so thankful to have children who love God and who want to worship Him and to experience His will and purpose for their lives. Looking forward to next Summer.
3.) Branson getaways. Money was tight this summer so we opted for a few Branson getaways. My family loves Silver Dollar City. Now, I am not a big roller coaster person, but God gave me 3 individuals who loooooove them. Can anyone feel my pain? My girls had the time of their lives getting me on these big, fast, scary roller coasters. They thought they were so funny. I have to say that I have experienced every roller coaster at Silver Dollar City. Check off my bucket list? Why not? Now all I need is a button that says I have conquered WildFire, Powder Keg and Fire in the Hole. And we can't forget the Giant Swing. (it will have you screaming...Mommy!!)
We will go back over the holiday season.
4.) Day at the Lake. We have some precious long time friends who invited us to the lake this summer. Katelyn had been chomping at the bit to get out there. It is so nice to have friends who have boats. Now let me back this us a few days. On Wednesday of this week, Ed's sisters come in town for Katelyn's birthday. We celebrate with them on Wednesday night with dinner at P.F. Changs. Thursday was her birthday and we head to Silver Dollar City for more partying. My mom and dad come in Saturday to celebrate with yet another dinner. Are you getting this picture. It is the birthday that never ends. Now we are back to Sunday getting ready for the lake. Our friend calls and asks if Katelyn likes chocolate or white. Meredith is sitting at the bar and hears me say...White. At that point she has had it. And I guess we are all wondering when this birthday will end. We get out to the lake, pull into a cove to eat lunch and out comes yet another birthday cake. The smile on Katelyn's face is one I will never forget. It was definitely a moment. Let me talk about that smile for a moment. After we packed up the boat and headed out onto the lake, I looked back at her and took in the look of awe and complete happiness on her face. She had the most precious smile. It wasn't a big smile, and not a little smile either. It was a smile that represented a heart that was completely satisfied. I couldn't help but think, is that the way God smile when He looks at me. I hope so. Our day at the lake was by far a highlight of our Summer. Anybody got a boat for sale?
5.) Mommy/Daughter day. At the end of each summer, I set aside a day for each daughter. I let them decide what they want to do. It is the most precious time and a day that I look forward to all summer. Meredith and I went to Starbucks, got pedicures and did a little shopping. Katelyn and I went shopping, got a Frozen Tong and played games.

It isn't time that is moving so fast, it is us humans. We have to find time to slow down, savor the moments and take in the "preciousness" of the people God has placed in our lives. I am so thankful for a truly wonderful summer. Now I can close this chapter of my life and open my heart to new blessings, new dreams and new memories. This is all part of my journey today.