Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is my relationship with God a chore?

I am reading this amazing book called "Crazy Love," by Pastor Francis Chan. This book has radically changed the way I look at my life. I was reading this morning and came across a quote that completely gripped the very depth of my soul. He says, "When I look at my relationship with God as a chore, a sacrifice, then I am getting the glory - not God. I keep saying, "look what I have sacrificed for God..." or listen to what I do for God." Whoa!! Jump back, let me read that again. I know I have been guilty of this. Especially after serving in the ministry for almost 17 years now. I have thought to myself many times....look what I have given up for the sake of the ministry and oh how I have sacrificed. Those who are close to me have probably heard me even say some of these pathetic things from time to time. Pastor Chan has rattled me to the core. How can I ever look at ministry the same way again? How can I ever look at my life the same way again? Everything I have is a gift from God...everything. How can I not wake up everyday and say, I get to live this day, I get to worship God with my life today. No matter how tough it gets, no matter how frustrated I become, how tired, how weary.... it is a privilege. A privilege. I just have to keep saying that word so it will sink in. To live my life everyday is a privilege, not a chore, not a sacrifice. My prayer is that I will truly get this. I mean, I want to so get it that it radically changes my life, my children, my family, and others that I am blessed to know.
I dare you to read this book. It's o.k. to get a little uncomfortable, so that in our discomfort we can become transformed into the image of God. And that my friend in a very good thing. This was all part of my journey today.


  1. Wow. How appropriate for me to read today! Great word!!!

  2. Hey Gina,
    Love your post. I may have to get a hold of that book myself. Yes, everything we have is a GIFT from God and a privilege!! Well said!

    Welcome to blogspot! Happy blogging!

  3. Gina - That is a great post. It's great to have you in the Blogosphere. I wish I could connect with other bloggers from SNU. How is Terri Clark these days? Do you hear from her.

    I hope you blog often. If I can help answer questions about how to do this or that, just let me know. You know where to find me. jen

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  5. Incredible post, thank you for sharing. This really touched me.