Saturday, March 21, 2009

Warrior Princess

"the Lord was not in the noise and confusion, but in the still, small voice." 1 Kings 19:11
I love me some early morning. I really do. There is just something about being up before everyone else. The quiet, early morning is my favorite time of day. I used to struggle so much with getting out of bed and having a time alone with God. It got so bad at one point in my life that I lived every day in total guilt. I thought, I can not call myself a Christ-follower if I can't get up to meet with Him in the mornings. I call it the years when I lost my quiet time. It started in college I might add. I prayed over and over to ask God to give me the discipline to get up. Then it occurred to me one day. Everyday, that I do not get up and read His Word and cover my family in prayer, is a day when I am sending my family out into this world, completely naked and without the armor of God. They are then vulnerable to the firey darts of the enemy. Wow. That will give you a new perspective. So, I play this little game in the morning. I set my main alarm for 4:50 am. I need about 20 minutes to wake up. I turn it off and grab my cell phone which is on vibrate. The reason for this - my husband kindly asked me to quit hitting snooze 10 times each morning. So alarm is off, cell phone is laying upon my chest. I let it go off two times. I am usually up by 5:15. I like a full hour with God before I get my kids up at 6:15. On the mornings when it is particularly tough, I pretend that I am a warrior princess who has to get up and fight for my family. Think that is weird. I do too, but it works. It's like I am rising up to go into battle for my children, my family. My sweet friend Jeana Floyd has taught me that most parenting should be done on your knees. Boy, am I learning that she is right. We as parents have got to get it - WE ARE IN A WAR. The battle is constantly raging and it is our duty and privilege to get up in the morning and fight for our children. Every day I tell God, my kids are yours. They do not belong to the enemy. They are yours. So protect them spiritually and physically today. Guard over their hearts and minds. And may they grow to love you, love your Word and love your church with all their hearts. And God, please bring godly men into their lives that will love you, love your Word, your church with all their hearts. And my they adore my daughters as well.
One of my greatest desires and passions in life is that I become a true prayer warrior. I am nowhere near that now....but well on my way. So I'm calling all Warrior Princesses and Warrior Princes to get up, strap on your armor and get thyself into the battle. It rages on. This is all part of my journey today.


  1. p.s. this reminded me of a warrior angels post I wrote on my first blog many years ago - 2001, maybe. I think I will dig it out.

  2. Girl, I needed that! I am having that struggle right now and that same guilt. Will tomorrow be the day I make that change. I will pray so.